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Constance's Corner of Oblivion

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June 12th, 2008

09:38 am - By request
Here's my life!

Faire was meh. While the game had popularity with the customers that DID enjoy it, a slow start and a lack of help from the Company did not help. That is to say, lack of help from Corporate. The Marketplace and Entertainment Depts. helped a LOT. Corporate seems to think they own us and can use us to their ends.

Umm, no.

Soooo the game will not continue next year. Which is fine. If Corporate continues to give grief to us and to our friends, we might not even run HT. Again, -- this is fine with us.

Work is good for the most part. Being salary and being good at finding problems means I occasionally have to work overtime and FIND said problems... But my boss is a Joss Whedon nerd and is a lot of fun to work with so that makes up for it.

House is getting back to normal, but that'll get jacked up by the Life Effects games this month, one ran by our friend Andrew Rowe and another being their usual 3-day overnighters 2 weeks later.

My thoughts on L.E.
They have a commitment to running stuff and people who are dedicated as storytellers and NPCs. That's their greatest advantage over Campaign. Campaign has better stories, costumes, mechanics, and attention to detail. But we have so few people who can or will GM and so few events it's heartbreaking.

Now that Faire is done and lives are becoming semi-normal, Robin and I may run stuff again. But who knows.

There's my life. In a nutshell. Busy and tiring.

Oh, I'm on Conan too. I forget the server, but I have a Herald of Xotli running amuck and beheading people.

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May 8th, 2008

01:22 pm - Cannot wait...
I hope and pray that when I go to marketing, I'll never ever have to deal with Accounting again.

You don't want to know how angry I am with them. Their constant screw ups in payment and updating our information. Their fuck ups are getting US into a lot of trouble with our customers.

The Accounts Payable woman is difficult at best and downright a pain in the ass at worst.

I hope this is the last time I deal with them.

My new boss sends me little "Can't wait to have you down here, it'll be fun," notes once in a while. I'm excited. He's a neat-o guy.

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11:14 am - My Life is Destroyed!
Dear Hallmark Friends,

When my son presented me with a lovely Macintosh computer, I was happy,
but DEVASTATED when I found I could not use my Hallmark Card program.
I have tried every way I can to find a Hallmark program I can use on my
Mac. I even ordered one on line only to find that it was no longer

Please Help Me: Is there SOME WAY that I can yet secure something
that I can use on my Macintosh computer? This is my great need --
cards to cheer up, comfort, and bless everyone around me. At ANY cost.

I firmly believe in prayer, and I believe this prayer of mine can be
answered. Thank you for your help.

Most sincerely,

Of course, you have to -hear- me reading this in an impassioned voice, trying to get across the level of pathos this woman is invoking in the name of Hallmark cards...

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May 6th, 2008

02:48 pm - I GOT A PROMOTION!!
Soon this LJ will no longer catalog the wacky calls and stories from Customer Service.

I have been promoted to Assistant to the Direct Marketing Manager. I gots a raise!!!

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May 2nd, 2008

01:11 pm - From the receptionist
wow i just had this guy call and say: i was looking at you language software and noticed on your german language software was this really pretty and blond haired and blue eyes and well is she single by any chance? is that you by any chance?

Oy! Customers are hitting on our cover-art models now!

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10:07 am - Spam Title O' the Day
Success is a fish that is pulled from an ocean. Swim with the big fish, wear PRADA
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April 30th, 2008

08:23 am - Update
Work has been busy.
My faire project is a minor success.
I had an interview for another division within my company that went very very well. Who -can't- see me in Marketing, hm?

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April 23rd, 2008

10:04 am - C is for Kid.
Fry's has inept employees. We all know this.

But when an employee at Fry's says that "It's spelled MAC. M as in Mary, A as in Apple, and C as in Kid", you really gotta wonder who they're hiring there...

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April 22nd, 2008

01:11 pm - Why I have a headache today...

Customer: I'm angry with you and your software. I've been buying your software for years and now it doesn't work with Vista. I have nothing good to say about you and I wish I could get my money back.

Me: Well, tell us what software this is and we'll see about getting you a refund.

Her: I have your 2006, 2005, 2004, the one from 2003, 2001 and 2000. Now give me all my money back since it won't work on Vista now!!

Me: Um, I'm very sorry it won't work. Unfortunately we can't refund you just because Vista decided not to be backwards compatible. You can take that up with Microsoft directly if you like.

Sure, we'll refund your full purchase price for software you've used for EIGHT YEARS.

Fracking old people...
Current Location: My Desk
Current Music: DJ Ben - Mashups

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April 21st, 2008

06:16 am - Spam o the day
from me make your bananna GIANT

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