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December 12th, 2008

03:49 pm - Stuff Again
Campaign game = Epic Fun. The Wyndham Players are pure evil hilarity at their finest.

Rose SO wants a play about Lillee now. It's only right and proper.

Hurt my neck somehow. Been bugging for a week now. Not sure why or what.

Mirabella is level 72 and looks nothing like her lovely picture anymore. :( I changed her hairstyle to an upswept doo.

Work is good AND bad. New job is sometimes the best and othertimes the worst ever.

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October 19th, 2008

07:31 pm - Campaign!
A C4 production:

With Lindora having been pushed south out of their own lands to the Halgudarian border, and Halgudar having trouble on the eastern front-- soldiers, refugees, and adventurers alike have converged on one of the last bastions of safety: The Inn of the Two Blades.

A noblewoman of Quivera (said to be in exile) uses this inn as a base of hit and run operations in Lindora. It's rumored she's paying good solid Quiveran gold for any who come and lend their help.

Of course, any seeking refuge, adventure, or just a good meal are welcome to join...

Date: Saturday November 29th 2008, Morning til Midnight
Location: IC: Inn of the Two Blades, Lindora/Halgudar
OOC: Mnt Pinos Campground/Cassidy Cording's House

This is a unique event!

Saturday morning and afternoon, til about sunset -- On the Mountain gaming. Fighting the various forces on the prowl in Lindora. Come and get your combat action on helping the Lady Orchester, the Yellow Rose of Quivera. Combat and action types welcome! When the sun starts to set, the adventurers will retire to the Inn for some much needed rest.

Saturday Afternoon and evening, til we all pass out -- At the Inn. Dinner, a hot shower, and a warm place to sleep are yours. While the adventurers go out and play on the mountain, any looking to just relax, RP, and have some fun are welcome to converge on the Inn. Be prepared though; Lindora's no longer a safe haven...

Saturday Night -- Once the adventurers return from their mountain activities, there's sure to be a good hot meal, possibly some musical entertainment, and who knows what might decide to seek refuge... or refugees.

Sunday Morning - Who knows.

NPCs wanted as always. Player sheets in advance wanted, as always.
Contact Constance @ youkilledthedog@ gmail.com for more info or for PC information.

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September 19th, 2008

03:07 pm - Before I forget...
An' how could I Not post in celebration of Talk like a Pirate day? For this be one o' the high an' holy days of the Church of th' Flyin' Spaghetti Monstarrrrr. Raaamen an' may his noodly appendeges point ye to much bountiful booty.

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03:04 pm - In reply to an abundance of Joker costumes
Fark had a link to an article about someone already sick of Joker costumes. He said he wasn't going to give any candy out to anyone wearing a Joker outfit.

Here is the best reply ev-ar.

If I thought I could pull it off, I'd recruit a small army of kids and adults, dress them in the most craptacular Joker costumes that $5 in the thrift store could buy and stalk this douche until Christmas. Then when he would undoubtedly start whining like a little girl with a skinned knee about how much he hates Christmas music, all of my Jokers would start singing "White Christmas" with megaphones until he killed himself.

I wish it was mine, but alas, I claim no credit. I just know that Mister J would approve.

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September 14th, 2008

10:42 am - Nightwish Sadness
I haven't posted in a loooong while. Wow.

We went to see Nightwish last night and boy... um... yeah.

They changed singers in the past few years and this new girl is going to hurt them. She was terrible. They went from an overly dramatic lyric soprano to a japanese pop singer. That's the BEST way to describe her. She was cute, peppy, and had this nasaly twang.

They dropped all the high songs an octive so she could chest-range them and yet it still sounded horrible. She was off-key on a few parts and just make me twitch. She did okay on the songs written for her but anything off their older albums sounded butchered (Except I wish I had an Angel).

Sadness. The band themselves were ok (Though my friends say they were off their game) but she ruined it for me. :(

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August 21st, 2008

03:50 pm
Star Wars is the ultimate crazy-ass girlfriend/boyfriend. You want to kick them to the curb but sometimes the sex is so good you can't help but keep them around a little longer.

Episodes 1-2- GTFO.
KOTOR - How you been? You're looking pretty hot tonight.
Clone War Cartoon 1- Ooh, baby, that feels good.
KOTOR2 - You're letting yourself go. HEY WTF was that for?
Episode 3-WTF, you crazy whore. GTFO!
Clone War Cartoon 2-I said STAY OUT, you f'ing skank.
Force Unleased-Mmm, what was I thinking, saying those things. Who's my naughty little Jedi?

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July 28th, 2008

10:48 am - Mega Brief Update
Con - Both good and bad. More bad than good.
Vacation - Sucked
Work - Swamped
Litch King Beta - Good.

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July 8th, 2008

01:09 pm - Followup
I got the pinks to my car! WOOOOOT.

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June 21st, 2008

10:42 pm - Watched movies finally
We got to see the brilliant Iron Man at long long last. What a faboo movie. Acting, effects, story, humor -- all spot on.

Then we picked up a dvd today at Target of something I had heard of but never saw released in the theatres. "Black Sheep" a horror movie about killer sheep, with top notch special effects by WETA. If you liked Shaun of the Dead you will enjoy this one too.

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June 16th, 2008

08:20 am - I PAID OFF MY CAR
I've been making payments since 2005. I just made the last one this morning.

/happy dance

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